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Kroger Gift Card
Start Date 12/01/2011 Registration is currently closed.
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Registration Closes 12/31/2023
Event Description
Kroger Gift Card
Thank you so much for teaming with Mike Miller in helping and changing children’s lives!

We are truly excited to bring to you an opportunity to raise money for the Mike Miller Foundation.  This Fundraising program is simple to use, and it is absolutely FREE!  You will receive your $5.00 gift card to Kroger in the mail within the next week to get you started along with some easy instructions.

When using your gift card for groceries, gas or at the pharmacy, Kroger will donate 5% of the total to the Mike Miller Foundation. (You can still use your Kroger plus card and receive the standard benefits.  You will also receive $0.03 off per gallon each time you use your gift card for gasoline.)

Recharge your gift card at the customer service counter or in the checkout line before you ring up your purchases. Very simple and only takes a few seconds.

Continue to recharge this Kroger gift card to ensure 5% will be given to the Mike Miller Foundation.

Prizes will be given out such as Derek Rose and Mike Miller jerseys, NBA tickets, and two Super Bowl tickets for the grand prize! 

Be sure to follow Mike Miller on Twitter and Facebook.

Best Regards,

Mike Miller Foundation


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