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Maximum Exposure Basketball - Platinum Package - Boys and Girls
Start Date 11/12/2013 Registration is currently closed.
End Date 12/31/2014
Event Fee $1500.00
Discounts $0.00
Registration Closes 12/31/2014
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For Boys and Girls!
The ultimate way for you to obtain maximum exposure, helping you earn a basketball scholarship.

Be smart with your money!

By receiving our Total Exposure Package, you will have people closely connected in the basketball coaching and recruiting industry working on your behalf to help you earn a basketball scholarship.  There are many different services and websites that claim they can help you with your recruiting.  These services have helped people before, but most of them do not have the respect of college coaches that is necessary to truly help you.  College coaches receive hundreds of emails from parents, players, and recruiting services.  95 percent of these are ignored, simply because the coaches are unable to trust the sources of the information.  Most are also at least double the price of our service, if not more.  Our staff has very positive relationships with hundreds of college coaches, from all levels and all parts of the country.  We receive hundreds of phone calls from college coaches each year asking us if we can help them find players.  This is not the case with most of the recruiting services and exposure packages that are on the market.  We can help you… we will help you.  In two years of this program every single participant has received at least one scholarship offer.  You will not find another service out there that is more connected with college coaches in the entire country.  Let us use our huge community of contacts and relationships to help you achieve your dream of getting your education paid for, while playing the game you love.

The Average Cost of Four Years of Tuition, Room, and Board is now close to $134,480.00

Platinum Package - $1500.00 (Best Value)

We will create your own personal website which every college coach in the country will have access to.  This website will include a profile of you, our detailed evaluation, updated stats and academic information, video footage of you playing and your contact information so that coaches can contact you directly.

We will send email updates about you to up to 15 schools of your choice and another 25 that we choose, depending on what level we think is best for you.  These updates will be sent out once every month each year.
We will evaluate your game, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of what we think your strengths and weaknesses are.  This will also include specific ways for you to work on your weaknesses, along with any other suggestions that we feel can help you as a player.

We will provide you with information on any camps, showcases, or other exposure events that we feel are worth your time, and will be able to help you in the recruiting process.  We will also help get you invited or into camps or events that you may not be able to get in on your own without someone’s help.  In addition, you will be given a 50% discount on all Maximum Exposure Basketball Clinics that we host, which are held year round in cities all around the country.

We will stay in contact with you and your family and you will have 24/7 access to our staff for update on your recruiting process, answers to questions you may have, and anything else we can do to keep you informed and help you along with the often confusing and complicated recruiting process.

If you have questions, or want further information please email us at or call our office at (704) 664-9845


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