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Camp Pros, LLC is a business dedicated to providing registration and data management solutions for specialty events. Our Camp Pros team includes professional coaches, athletes, and established business leaders. Further, our experience in athletics include participation in and/or coaching for virtually every sport, and spans the entire age spectrum, from little league to the professional ranks. Based on our athletic, coaching, technology, and business experience, the Camp Pros team may be characterized as a conglomeration of talent that possesses extensive knowledge in virtually every facet of creating and conducting summer and specialty events. In short, we've been there and done that.

The Camp Pros team knows about the tedious and time consuming demands of getting ready to launch a new event. We understand that the process of putting on a event has traditionally corresponded with spending significant time and money to prepare and send literature to event prospects, to prepare registration forms, to send materials to potential registrants, to manage registration fees, and to maintain an accurate camp registrant database.

Camp Pros™ services are effectively FREE for the event provider. The cost for utilizing Camp Pros™ services is entirely paid for through collection of a nominal processing fee that is charged to each registrant in addition to your event's registration fee. In short, there is no cost to you, the event sponsor.

Camp Pros would be more than happy to visit with you in person about how Camp Pros™ services may be utilized to maximize the success of your events. We are confident that Camp Pros™ services are going to change online event registration.

Camp Pros online registration services
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