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Camp Pros’ clients enjoy our feature rich services. Our personal and professional careers have been centered on athletic performance and athletic events throughout the US.

Camp Pros features begin with a free web presence that provides a full description of your camp or event. Your camp information also includes your bio plus the information about the faculty. Each camp’s listing will detail the location, dates, and prices for each camp session offered.

The online registration collects all pertinent camper information such as age, ability, experience, etc. This most important aspect of our features is that all information is collected at the time of registration. This assists the with the Front Office work that is needed to capture the camper’s data. The registrant enters all the required information. Camp Pros proprietary software then receives the data and sorts it into meaningful reports that can be sorted and filed according to the event’s needs.

Event’s need a variety of forms and reports to enable proper coaching and training of their student athletes. This Back Office work is made simple by the abilities of the software to print exactly what is needed at all times.

Other unique features include tournament marketing via e-Blasts, one click scheduling, mobile phone communication for scores and text messaging, online tournament player profiles and one key coach registration entry.


The front and back office both enjoy the feature of credit and or debit card payments. Online 24/7 registration is standard for all clients. Therefore, we are providing the absolute maximum registration convenience.

All the data and payment documentation is captured at time of registration and transmitted via secured electronic transmission systems.

The biggest benefit is that your camp can make a giant technology leap forward for maximum efficiency and it is all free.

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