CampPROS™ is a complete online registration, camp/event management and communication/marketing resource.

From setup, registration, payment, management, communication and reporting, we simplify your efforts, giving you time to do what you do best…running a great event!

We are a one-on-one, customer service based company that will set you up and enhance your event success from start to finish. CampPROS™ has a 1:1 Sales Rep to Client basis. Unlike other companies, we take your data and completely set up your account and event listing. Just provide us your camp/event information, and we do the rest for you!

Start your registrations TODAY!


  • Online registration takes the tedious time and work out of the physical registration process, and allows you, the event organizer, to use your time to manage a great, successful event. You'll reduce office work, printing and labor costs, and make the registration process easy for parents.
    No more collecting forms, processing applications, filing waivers, and dealing with and depositing hundreds of paper checks. You get secure, PCI compliant processing of your camp participants' credit or debit cards.


    • Brand your registration pages with custom colors and logo to mirror your organization's look and feel
    • Add key search words to drive registrants to your event
    • Collect fees for camps, clinics, events, leagues,
    tournaments, races, memberships, clubs, and donations
    • Automatically map the location of your event
    • Electronically signed Legal Waivers, Medical Release Forms, and Behavior Clauses

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  • CampPROS™ Event Management offers a simple, ease of use technology that allows you to manage your event, and access your registrant data and reports, available online 24 / 7 / 365. You will no longer need to use paper forms, or deposit money. Our system has the ability to take care of all of your event management and reporting needs!

    Event Management
    • Download your camp roster, data, and custom questions to Microsoft Excel with two clicks
    • Easily export registration database reports and save to PDF/Excel
    • Refund campers directly to their card -NCAA Compliant!
    • View transaction histories by individual, program, timeframe, or listing
    • Collect any data with an unlimited amount of custom questions
    • Data is available immediately as it comes in
    • Print rosters and name labels easily

    Online Reports
    • View camper records online, in REAL-TIME, - 24,7,365
    • Registrant data never goes away – information is always available to you
    • Sort registrant records by date registered, name, amount, or listing
    • Update camper information at any time
    • Powerful Financial Performance Tracking
    • Perform year-over-year comparisons
    • Track receipt of medical forms, waivers, and other documents required for camp registration

    Exportable Reports
    • Financial reports
    • Statement Reports
    • Legal Waivers
    • Registration Database

  • Marketing
    • Send automated, personalized confirmation emails to registrants, upon payment, and attach any
    document(s) with additional forms or information that you would like to collect
    • Schedule your emails to launch at specified days and times
    • Promotions, Discounts, And Coupons
    • Offer time-bound early registration, multi-person, multi-event, and coupon code incentives,
    or last minute promotions

    Social Media
    • Add links to your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
    • Registrants can promote your event with the use of social media networks to increase your event registrations
    • Registrants can update their Facebook and Twitter accounts telling friends they've just registered at
    your camp. Implement social media links on your emails to build your social media profile
    • Attach pre-registration YouTube videos so that registrant can see you event prior to signing up
    • Create links for sending to Twitter, Facebook, or texting