How fast can I have my organization set-up, active and registering online participants?
Once you establish an account with CampPROS, and return all of the requested data related to your listings, including logos and colors, we will have you active processing registrations on our system within 48 hours.

What information do you need from me?
We will send you an electronic questionnaire to complete about your organization and event(s). We ask you to complete it promptly and promote online registration on your website in a prominent, high profile location. We will also send you a link to our system to put behind a “Register Here” or “Register Now” button. We may also obtain a website domain if you don’t have one, and point it to your page on our system.

Is online registration required?
While we promote Online Registration, and our system can do 100% of your work for you, we also have a feature where you can accept checks and/or monies at your location, and add them to our system. There is no additional charge for this feature.

What is the minimum amount of registrations required to set up an account?
CampPROS does not require a minimum or maximum amount of registrants for an account.

How is the processing fee assessed?
The processing fee can be included as part of the cost of the event, or can be passed on to the registrant. The choice is entirely yours.

Does CampPROS accept checks?
CampPROS does not currently accept checks. However, you may accept them and add the registrant information through our “Offline Registration” feature. There is no charge for this feature.

How do we handle refunds?
CampPROS does not refund registrations for any reason. We remit your monies to you bi-monthly in a very timely manner, and all refunds will be handled by each respective organization, pursuant to your refund policy. Most times, we have remitted your monies to you for a registrant prior to them requesting any refund.

Is the transaction secure?
Completely. All registrations are securely processed and the process is PCI compliant.

How long has CampPROS been in business?
CampPROS has been in business since 2005.